Validation Manager software is the perfect tool for your laboratory to digitalize, automate and standardize the time-consuming and error sensitive data handling of validations.

“I trust these results much more than our current Excel sheets as the traceability is so good”

Maija Lappalainen
Department Head
Microbiology, HUSLAB

Common use cases

Validating in-house test performance

Verifying new commercial instruments and assays

Verifying instrument performance after lab relocation

Comparison of multiple commercial assays (and / or in-house assays)

Parallel instrument (instrument vs instrument) comparisons

Cross-site instrument comparisons

Lot-to-lot variation

Precision (within run, between run, between day, within lab, between lab precision)

Extraction method comparisons

Efficient validation project management in 3 steps

  1. 1. Plan

    With Validation Manager you can easily use CLSI protocols to meet strictest regulatory requirements. Plan lets you set protocol scope according to your needs.

  2. 2. Work

    Designed experiments are run in laboratory and results imported to Validation Manager either from instruments, middleware, LIS or Excel.

  3. 3. Report

    Validation Manager automatically calculates results based on experiment data and creates a fully traceable project end report.

Standardized validation process
Standardize validation process across the organization. Achieve harmonized working habits between people, departments and laboratories.        
Paperless laboratory
Designed for 100% digital validations replacing previous cumbersome work with Excel, statistical tools and manual reporting.  
Save time and costs
Diagnostics tests can be validated easier, faster and with less costs involved. Up to 95% time saving demonstrated!
Introduce new tests with ease
Easy-to-use software with a lean validation process enables rapid introduction of new or modified diagnostic tests.
Less errors, better quality
Digital data transfer from laboratory systems with the automated analysis provide objective results and reduce risk for human errors.
Fluent accreditations
Centralized data archive and standardized validations also mean less effort needed for audits and accreditations.
Automatic analysis & one-click reporting
Fully automated, real-time result calculation with one-click reporting provide effortless validations according to CLSI guidelines.  
Share data easily
Intuitive web-based user interface enables easy data sharing across the organization with direct access to any historical validation data.
Keep up with regulatory changes
With the web-based tool you’ll always have access to the latest protocols right when they emerge.
Safe, Secure & Certified
Ensuring data safety & security is our first priority. Security has been certified by a third party auditor with the most rigorous criteria.

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