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OMG it’s a blog! But why?

Validation Manager builds on deep knowledge and experience about validations. To share it with you we launched a newsletter previously this autumn. In the newsletter, we’ve also been sharing information about what’s new in Validation Manager and what will be added to it in near future.

We know that sometimes conducting validations is found puzzling. The themes of our newsletter issues were to answer questions we encounter while discussing validations with our customers. Soon we realized that this was quite a goal for one newsletter. When talking about validations, it’s easy to get carried away. There’s so much to say!

For this reason, we have also introduced this blog for sharing the full stories with you. In this blog, we will try to share our passion and enthusiasm for validations, and create a place where you may find worth while visiting when you feel like reading something inspiring. We will aim to give a light and refreshing view to serious matters. The newsletter will still have a shorter version of the stories with a link to the blog along with the news of our product development.

We hope that we can offer you new insights about validations and that you’ll enjoy reading this blog. Welcome on board!