“Our passion is to make
validations easy and efficient.”
-Akseli Virtanen, Chief Executive Officer

The company behind Validation Manager™ is Finbiosoft.
Validation Manager™ was originally developed to address overwhelming challenges in validations, faced and eye-witnessed by the founders of Finbiosoft themselves. Ever since, Validation Manager™ has evolved to a state-of-the-art solution bringing substantial added value for our customers.

Why do we standout in a crowd?

With the strong commitment to understand and address the deep needs of our end-users, we are driven by the aspiring goal of revolutionizing the way how validations are managed in future.

Continuous improvement is coded in our DNA and we utilize the best available technologies for developing highest quality software and providing superior user experience.

We serve many of the leading laboratories and diagnostics companies worldwide, which share our passion for the highest quality and performance.

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Career stories

Eeva Pursula, Software Quality Assurance Specialist

Eeva studied physics at Helsinki University of Technology. As an old experimental physicist she gets kicks out of working with things related to making measurements.

For her, the heart of product development is collaboration with customers to understand their needs.

“We are creating here something totally new. It’s an inspiring challenge to try to find not only the answers but also the right questions.”

Eeva spends a lot of time thinking what really matters to the end users.

“I love to search for better ways of doing things, and it remains interesting because it’s not just talk but we actually make things happen and everyone has a chance to influence.”


Developing her core expertise as a tester depends largely on herself.

“I try to keep a curious mind and find new points of view. I feel that I’m given a good space to do that too. I also like the opportunity to switch roles at times, and a small company gives possibilities for that.”

For anyone thinking about a job with Finbiosoft she’d ask what you want to be and do.

“If you have interest in diagnostics, and if you are ready to take responsibility and constantly learn new things, this might be a place for you.”

Finbiosoft - Eeva
Eeva PursulaSoftware Quality Assurance Specialist
Timo Mäkelä, Lead Front End Developer

Timo is a Bachelor of Software Engineering from Lahti University of Applied Sciences. He has acquired most of his knowledge and skills by working in different software development jobs and actively following personal interests in the field.

“Especially functional programming fulfills my passion to make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

A good friend of Timo’s recommended Finbiosoft to him and vice versa, and soon they found common ground and shared goals.

“Our vision of how modern software is designed and developed aligned nicely, and we are all eager to learn and play with new tools and technologies.”

Timo is focused on front end developing but within the team he is generally known as a functional programming enthusiast. He enjoys the playful attitude and relaxed atmosphere in the company. It makes it easy to blend in even if you’re not the most extrovert person yourself. He’s been positively surprised about how dedicated his teammates are.

“Also I really appreciate the deep knowledge my fellow members have adopted from the domain we serve.”

Any word of advice for future developer colleagues?

“Seek the purity in functions and embrace the conciseness of composition. And to all colleagues in general: always keep an open mind and stay curious!”

Finbiosoft - Timo
Timo MäkeläLead Front End Developer